Public Information

The First Source for Information

Serving as a public information firm for utility, roadway and bridge projects requires a specialized background. Cella Molnar & Associates understands design, engineering and construction elements, and can translate technical jargon into something simply understood by the public.

Disseminating information to the public requires constant knowledge of businesses, property ownership and tenants to ensure everyone in the project area is receiving correct construction information. We answer public inquiries, provide project information and address concerns through a 24-hour telephone hotline. Striving to be the first source of information and a consistent one point of contact, Cella Molnar & Associates works to provide the public with timely and accurate information.

Meetings & Public Hearings
We host public meetings and hearings, as well as small group and neighborhood meetings, creating all presentations and materials needed.
Public Information Plan (PIP)
We develop a plan that outlines the strategies and tactics for a public information project from start to finish.
Main Point of Contact
We serve as the main point of contact for our clients, the public, and the media throughout the project.
Communication Services
Content is developed for each unique project including newsletters, project websites, social media and more.

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