Communication Services

Effectively Reaching the Target Audience

There are many different tactics for delivering a message, but it is important to use one that will best reach the target audience. Whether it’s a stand alone website to house and share project information, or a utility notice that is delivered door-to-door when a boil water notice is issued, we have several tools to ensure that the public receives the information that they need. Explore some of our services offered below. 

Services Offered

Each project that we handle has it’s own unique communication needs. We have different tools to use depending on the nature and complexity of the outreach program. 

Public Meetings & Hearings

CMA will inherit all responsibility for meeting preparation including, location reservation, contact list creation, advertisement, invitation distribution, set up/break down of event, equipment transportation, and meeting summary production.

Presentations & Videos

Our team has the highly skilled staff to create content for presentations or videos for any event. We can provide creative recommendations and solutions to ensure our videos are concise, visually appealing, and unique from others in our industry.

Public Information Plan (PIP)

A PIP is essential for developing specific plans for disseminating public information. CMA develops each PIP to meet the specific needs of the project prior to commencement and will add or adjust as needed if there are needs that arise throughout the project.

Notices to Residents & Businesses

CMA will mail, email, or in many cases, hand deliver project related notices to residents or businesses. Our staff is prepared and trained to develop expedited notices to ensure residents are informed of project changes/details in real time.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inform and captivate our consumers. We provide creative solutions for items such as advertising, brochures, 3-D illustration, logos, newsletters, invitations, business cards, and more.

Website Development

A website can be very useful on high profile projects to provide the public with instant access to the status of the project. CMA will design, host and maintain your site throughout the duration of the project.

Newsletters, Flyers, Brochures & Postcards

CMA has proven experience in developing newsletters, flyers and brochures that translate complex technological information into easily understood language. CMA also provides translation services to convey the message in other languages.

Social Media

CMA will develop and maintain project related social media profiles. Users can access real-time information such as lane closure information, project schedule changes, project updates, boil water notices, and more.

Printing Services

We can print and produce a wide variety of marketing materials with professional results. CMA can print and copy items such as banners, posters, brochures, flyers, door hangers, lawn signs, letterhead, invitations and more.

Mass Mailings

In addition to our ability to produce mailing lists with our GIS system, we maintain a comprehensive up-to-date mailing list that includes contact information for elected officials, agency representatives, civic and community organizations, and media outlets.

Media Relations

Our team is comprised of an elite set of individuals who are skilled in dealing with sensitive matters in a tactful and appropriate manner. We appropriately respond, inform and educate media outlets about project specific details, questions or changes.

24-Hour Hotline

We are dedicated to answering emergency calls, no matter the time of day. We provide an emergency contact number for constituents to utilize after hours to ensure their and needs are met during a project related emergency that occurs outside of normal business hours.

Project Documentation

CMA not only ensures all aspects of successful public involvement implementation, but we will also appropriately document the project after completion. All project history will be preserved, summarized and retained in a digital and physical file.

Document Editing

CMA is highly attentive to detail and skilled with document editing procedures and methods. We have a variety of programs, tools and resources to edit or rearrange documents, reports, certificates, and records, as needed.

Project Related Event Planning

We can create classic, innovative and most importantly, memorable events for local and regional clientele. Our event planning includes, design, organization and evaluation of the event.

Custom Requests

CMA Is dedicated to providing innovation new ideas and solutions to any custom request you may have. Our staff is knowledgeable, flexible, creative, and most importantly, willing to go above and beyond to exceed the expectations for any new task.

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