Burnt Store Road Widening Project in Lee County

Project Title:

Burnt Store Road Widening Project from Diplomat Parkway to south of Tropicana Parkway in Lee County


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Public Involvement


This project involved widening Burnt Store Road from Diplomat Parkway to south of Tropicana Parkway to a four-lane divided highway with two twelve-foot travel lanes in each direction. Additional improvements included adding on-road bicycle lanes, a five-foot sidewalk on the west side, and a ten-foot multi-use path on the east side.  A new bridge was constructed over the Hermosa Canal with a lighted pedestrian underpass to allow for safe passage for pedestrians and to connect the sidewalk to the multi-use path.  This project was designed and constructed with no signalized intersections to reduce travel time by allowing northbound and southbound traffic to flow continuously.  In place of left turns, motorists will turn right when entering Burnt Store Road from adjacent streets and then make a U-turn around a median. Studies have shown this concept has led to a reduction in the occurrence and severity of accidents and a significant time savings since motorists do not have to wait to make left-hand turns.

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