City of Cape Coral North 2 Utilities Extension Project

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City of Cape Coral North 2 Utilities Extension Project


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Public Involvement


Cella Molnar & Associates, Inc. (CMA) is the public involvement consultant for the City of Cape Coral North 2 Utilities Extension Project.  The project work area is approximately five (5) square miles with approximately 8,800 parcels and included installation of new potable, sanitary sewer, and irrigation services, as well as storm drains and fire hydrants. CMA worked as the liaison between the residents and the project team to address resident questions and concerns or issues that arose during the project. CMA’s knowledge and understanding of the project details and benefits were instrumental in communicating with property owners, stakeholders, and neighborhood leaders throughout the project.

CMA deliverables included notification flyers regarding road closures and driveway/access changes. Notices were prepared and distributed to keep residents informed about construction. CMA provided a 24-hour telephone hotline and project contact cards. Coordination with City of Cape Coral staff and officials, police, fire, EMS, solid waste services, school transportation, community group leaders, and affected property/business owners and local media was key to the success of the project.

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