FDOT Continuous Flow Intersection Project

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FDOT State Road 82 Continuous Flow Intersection


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Public Information


Cella Molnar & Associates, Inc. (CMA) provided public outreach services for the construction of Florida’s first Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) at the intersection of SR 82 and Daniels Parkway/Gunnery Road in Lee County. The newly constructed CFI eases traffic congestion at the intersection and includes multiple signals to reduce turning delays. The main feature of this alternative intersection is the relocation of the left-turn movement on an approach to the other side of the opposing roadway, which eliminates the left-turn phase for this approach at the main intersection.

CMA provided a successful public outreach campaign that ensured the saturation of project information messaging to thousands of constituents with the travelling public being the target audience. The campaign, “Be In The Know on State Road 82 Continuous Flow Intersection”, created a number of different multifaceted opportunities to capture a greater percentage of community interest and encourage visits to the project website, www.SR82Flow.com. CMA designed a campaign that utilized tools such as posters, 8’ X 10’ banners, radio advertisements, television advertisements, public service announcements, social media applications including a WAZE pop-up ad and travel applications.

The 8’ x 10’ banners were placed at the intersections and in the medians along SR 82. CMA also set up an information booth at the Publix located in the vicinity of the CFI, to distribute promotional material including contact cards, informational flyers, and a USB flash drive with a “how-to drive the intersection” video loaded onto every device. Additionally, the website that was created and maintained by CMA, received over 5,500 visits from traveling motorists. Informational flyers were also sent to approximately 50 locations, communities and businesses adjacent to the project area. A TV commercial advertising the project was aired on stations such as NBC, ABC, and CBS. Radio advertisements were broadcast at peak travel times encouraging the public to visit the website.

Using this campaign, the team effectively educated the public about how to navigate through the CFI safely and efficiently. The utilization and combination of several communication tools helped to establish a broad outreach of different population demographics. This collaboration also created an opportunity for hands-on participation and goal accountability. The campaign created a viable and healthy partnership between the project team and constituents.

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